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The Amazing Adventures of Emotional Support Nicole!!

Nicole Winegarden started with Cross Cuts in the summer of 2017 as a part time kennel attendant. Nicole was a little shy at first but from day one her love of ALL animals shone through. Eventually she moved on to a full-time position and subsequently a supervisory position. With each new challenge Nicole has rose to the occasion showing an incredible aptitude for the animal care field. Nicole showed a strong interest and desire to learn the craft of dog grooming and Terri took her under her wing as an apprentice, well it wasn’t long before the student had surpassed the teacher. Unfortunately, fate had other plans… due to unforeseen medical circumstances… a career as a full-time groomer was not in the cards for our beloved Nicole. But did that stop her? NO!! Our Nicole is the literal embodiment of perseverance and adaptability. She took her newly developed grooming skills and made it her goal to become the worlds BEST bather/brusher!!! And it was then and there that our “emotional support” Nicole was born!!

Nicole has made it her life’s mission to ensure each pet in our care has the MOST positive experience they possibly can. She NEVER hesitates to go the extra mile…or to pipe up a suggestion as to how someone else can. Does a walk in nail trim need a little extra cuddle? Nicole to the rescue! A deshed a little frightened by the noise of the dryer? Nicole to the rescue! A bored boarder need a little extra attention? Nicole to the rescue!

Her dedication to our clients goes FAR AND ABOVE the expected and right into the realm of EXCEPTIONAL. There is no one more dedicated to the client experience than our “emotional support” Nicole and we honestly don’t know what we’d do without her. Just ask your dog!! If they don’t light up at the sheer sight of her they just haven’t spent enough time with her!!!

Nicole has the following training/ certifications:

  • Difficult Dog Handling
  • Hair & Skin Certification
  • Geriatric Grooming Certification
  • Pet First Aid & CPR
  • Canine Massage Certification